Our Mission:

Speak Out

Many victims of sexual abuse & rape are forced to remain silent by their abuser, family members, society etc. Justice for the Silenced is a platform, giving victims permission to share their stories if they wish to do so.



The advancement of education,

The advancement of health &

The advancement of human rights, conflict resolution or reconciliation

Join us on this journey.



Our vision is to break the stigma and silence that comes with being a victim of abuse.

 We believe that by encouraging victims to speak up and speak out about their experiences, more victims will be inspired to speak up and seek justice.  
If we can get victims of rape and sexual abuse to become vocal, then we believe no other victim will suffer in silence.



We are passionate and committed to giving a voice to silenced victims of rape and sexual abuse globally.

Our mission is to achieve this by helping victims get the courage they need to speak up, provide a shoulder for them when the going gets difficult, and by providing support each step of the way in their pursuit of justice.



ShILLA was once a victim, which built an unending desire to help other victims.

She has realised that the world is full of victims who have been forced into silence by their families, society, culture and their abusers. Shilla is determined to create an avenue through which silenced victims can find their voice and pursue justice.


The Founder

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Shilla Shomai is an Author, Philanthropist, Founder of Intu the Light & Founder of Justice for The Silenced. Shilla founded Justice for the Silenced out of frustration from experiences of her gruesome past. Her aim was and still remains to support victims of Sexual abuse through the enhancement of their education, human rights & good health. Justice for the silenced is evidence that, if one learns how to channel anger correctly, they can use it as a driving force for positive change. Shilla believes the passion she has can only live on through her passing it onto the next generation. This remains Shilla’s message to the world today. Find out more about the work Shilla is doing by clicking below.


‘Intu the light’ is a movement encouraging you to come ‘out of the shadows’ of Fear, Doubt and Experiences of the past and to step Intu the light where you can achieve your full potential. We will help you tell your story through publishing your book or becoming a motivational speaker. You can also join our ongoing community projects.



1. Young women’s achievement award-Scottish Women’s Convention 2016

2. Service to humanity recognition award-Prestigious Awards International 2016

3. Community Organisation of the year-Zimbabwe Youth achievers Awards 2016

4. Community Recognition Award-Youth For The Nations Awards 2015

5. Outstanding achievement of the year award-Youth For The Nations Awards 2015


Get Involved

In order for Justice for the Silenced to continue making a difference in the community, we need your help. You can help us by volunteering or making a donation.




Our next event will be held on the 2nd of August 2019 at the Glasgow City Chambers in Glasgow, Scotland. We need volunteers to help ensure the event runs smoothly on the day.

OTHER Volunteer opportunities

If you would like to volunteer on a longterm basis with us, please let us know the area in which you would like to offer your support.

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To ensure we continue providing our services to victims of sexual abuse & rape, we need support from people like you.

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